Yamaha Quietech EFI


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Yamaha Quietech EFI

The Yamaha Quietech Drive 2 EFI golf cart is a perfect choice for your next golf cart. This powerful, reliable vehicle is ready to take you on any adventure you want to go on this summer.

The Yamaha Quietech Drive 2 EFI golf cart has a powerful engine that can get you up to speed quickly, while keeping the noise down and fuel consumption at a minimum.

Yamaha Drive 2 Quietech Efi Price

You won’t have to worry about having to stop and wait around while this vehicle gets up enough speed to get out of its way—you’ll be able to enjoy the ride all day long!

The new Yamaha QuieTech EFI has the lowest decibel output of any petrol automobile and is the golf car industry’s first independent rear suspension.Our Yamaha drive 2 Quietech Efi price matches its quality and specifications.

This unparalleled mix guarantees your gamers a wonderfully calm trip. We believe you’ll agree that adopting QuieTech EFI is the best business decision you can make for your golf course, with 19.1km/L and lower hydrocarbon emissions than the competition.

Yamaha Quietech for Sale

Why pick between dependability and luxury? You no longer need to with the new Drive2 series of Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV).

Our most exquisite and opulent range of personal transportation to date is the result of more than 60 years of precise engineering and technology advancements. Our PTVs make doing errands easier. Even brief journeys are enjoyable thanks to Drive2’s superb handling!

Yamaha Drive 2 Quietech Efi For Sale

To make a quieter, more fuel-efficient vehicle so you can spend less on gas and more time doing the things you like, we developed our new QuieTech EFI technology. Buy Golf Cart Shop has been classified as the most trusted online store to get Yamaha Drive 2 Quietech Efi for sale with ease.

We have considered every necessity or want you may have when traveling, including freshly designed LED headlights and a dash in the form of an automobile with typical USB connections.

2021 Yamaha Quietech Golf Cart For Sale

Additionally, this machine has an automated gearbox, saving you time from having to manually change gears.

You’ll save time and maintain a lot of energy all day long if you do this! For more usefulness and convenience, the Yamaha Quietech golf cart for sale Drive 2 EFI golf cart also comes with a range of accessories.

You may select several sorts of seats based on how much time you anticipate spending in your car, as well as different types of steering wheels depending on how easy they are to use while driving or how comfortable they are for your hands. We offer the 2021 Yamaha Quietech golf cart for sale at the best price.


  • HybriCore Chassis in automotive design with a polyester/urethane powder finish
  • Double reduction with self-compensation Rack-and-pinion helical
  • Tru-Trak II has completely independent strut suspension in the automobile style
  • Rear Suspension
  • Full-independence strut suspension a la automobile
  • Self-adjusting rear drum brakes
  • Rear Suspension


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